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request: special hugs

~author’s note~ “request: sofia walks in on callie and arizonas sexy time, and they have to explain :)”

Rated M

It was just past midnight in the apartment and Arizona was showing her wife just how much she loved her.

Callie grasped the headboard with both hands while Arizona pounded into her.

"You close?" Arizona asks, feeling her own orgasm approaching.

"Mhm," Callie smiles and bites her bottom lip "Don’t stop." she brings her knees up and lets them fall at Arizona’s sides- opening herself to her wife. Arizona holds herself up on one elbow while her other hand comes between them and flicks Callie’s clit.

"God, Arizona!" Callie gasps "Deeper, babe… little harder."

Arizona does as she’s told and keeps a strong, hard pace while Callie screams her name. She feels Callie’s body jerk beneath her and grip around the toy. Seeing her wife come sends her over the edge soon after, and Callie holds her close, whispering sweet nothings as she comes.

When they catch their breath, they hear shuffling and look towards the open door.

"Uh, did we forget to close the door?" Arizona looks at her wife questioningly.

"No, I pounded you against it…" Callie recalls.

"CRAP." Arizona pulls out and goes into the bathroom to clean and put the toy away.

"Oh god, how long do you think she was standing there?" Callie follows her and grabs a few clothes along the way.

"I don’t know, but we HAVE to talk to her." Arizona puts her pajamas back on and Callie does the same until they’re both descent.


"Mija?" Callie knocks on Sofia’s door. She can’t help but smirk at her wife, standing like a child who’d just been caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar. Callie rubs Arizona’s back to comfort her.

Sofia doesn’t answer and Callie cracks the door open and peeps her head in. “Sofia?”

She finds the six year old in bed reading a book beside her night lamp.

"Hi, mama." Sofia continues to read her book as if she’s uninterested.

"Whatcha reading there, big girl?" Arizona steps into the room behind her wife.

"Beauty and the Beast." Sofia looks up at Arizona with a blank face.

Callie clears her throat “Isn’t it a little late for reading?”

"I was sleeping when I heard a noise… then I followed the noise to your room." Sofia stares at the bottom of her bed.

Arizona’s face was beet red and Callie opened her mouth to talk, but she couldn’t find the appropriate words. Callie sits on the edge of her bed and tugs Arizona’s hand to sit beside her.

"Sweety, you know how Belle kisses The Beast at the end of the story?" Callie begins. She doesn’t have a game plan but that sounded like a good start.

Sofia nods.

"Well, you see… when grown ups love each other, they want to kiss each other… a lot." Callie looks at her wife and nods towards their daughter, giving her the cue to help out any time now.

"Oh, um." Arizona gulps "Yes, sometimes grown ups want to kiss and hold each other close. They like to hug… but it’s not the same as the hugs you give your friends. It’s a special hug that you share with the one person you love… and when grown ups REALLY love each other they hug for a long time. Sometimes they uh… they hug so tight that they scream- but it’s a happy scream like when you’re on a roller coaster." Arizona runs her fingers through her hair.

Sofia looks at her like she sort of understood.

Callie raises her eyebrow at her wife and Arizona gives her an awkward smile.

"So what momma is saying is that we love each other very much so we were giving each other special hugs… wait, you did see us hugging, right?"

"Yeah, you were hugging." Sofia mumbles.

"Right, and grown ups do that in private, when no one is supposed to be watching." Callie continues.

"I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was private."

"Oh sweety, you didn’t do anything wrong. Momma forgot to lock the door and I’m very sorry about that." Arizona apologizes.

"It’s okay… mami, was momma hurting you?"

Callie almost choked on her own spit and coughed a little. “No honey, your momma was… your momma was holding me really close and the hug was so special I was doing the happy scream momma was talking about.”


"… so this is very special and very private so this stays between us, right big girl?" Arizona asks.

Sofia nods.

"Good, and one day you’ll get married and you’re going to want to kiss and hold the person you love too."

"Eww. Kisses give you cooties!" Sofia scrunches her nose and shakes her head.

"Right! So no special hugs and kisses until you’re a grown up!" Callie adds.

"Mm-hmm!" Sofia nods.

"I’m glad that’s sorted. Aren’t you tired, big girl?" Arizona hands her a teddy bear from the bottom of her bed.

"Yes. Can I sleep now?"

"You sure can, mija. Good night… sweet dreams."

Callie and Arizona kiss their girl goodnight and head back to their bedroom.

"Did that really happen?" Arizona lies on her back and stares at the ceiling.

"Yup!" Callie shifts to snuggle her side.

"Yeno that was your fault right? Your happy screaming probably woke her up." Arizona looks down at her wife.

"Nuh-uh. Your special hug did everything!" Callie teases.

"Of course… just remember to lock the door next time."

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